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You have a lot of love in your heart and would you like to come to our island to help?

Volunteers are essential and have a very important impact on our Association! All help is necessary and indispensable. Therefore, we promise to welcome you with smiles and a heart full of joy for having made this decision.

The most important prerequisite is what makes us human: EMPATHY.


What are you going to do here at the Center?

Daily you will participate and help in the routine activities of the center such as cleaning, organization and preparation of daily snacks, beautification and improvements whenever necessary. You will join us and have a lot of fun in the various workshops and activities with the island community, such as cleaning beaches, waste management, not forgetting that we will have our machamba (organic garden) that requires daily care and dedication. ! Any activity you want to share with us that values the learning and knowledge of everyone at the center will be very welcome!


You must be over 18 years of age, empathize with children and be open to understanding constraints and limitations of education and life of people and children here on our island.


A tourist visa of one month or up to 3 months is required, depending on how long you want to stay here.


Yellow fever vaccine is required. We advise a traveler consultation where you will obtain all the necessary information.

When happens

The volunteer experience “Dá-La a

Help!" in 2022 it has a base duration of 3 weeks. You can add weeks and stay longer if you want.


  • April 15th to May 6th

  • August 05th to 26th

  • November 04th to 25th

1500 MNZ / 25€ 



Minimum: 3 weeks

Maximum: 8 weeks

number of vacancies

We have 4 spots open for each season.



For example, if you want to come for 3 weeks, the experience will cost:

41,200 meters (€548) 3 week base price

+4,500 meters (60€) registration fee =45,715 meters(608€)


3 weeks = 41,200 mts (548€)

+4,500 meters (60€) registration fee

Each additional week has a cost of11,315 meters(150€).

4 weeks |56,995 meters(758€)

5 weeks |68,275 meters (908€)

6 weeks |79,555 meters(1058€)

7 weeks |90,835 meters(1208€)

8 weeks |102,115 meters(1358€)

what is included

  • Transfer on arrival and return to Nampula airport (travel duration 2h30m to 3h);

  • Accommodation during the 3 weeks of the experience (shared rooms and bathrooms);

  • Breakfast and lunch from Tuesday to Saturday;

  • On-site information and assistance;

  • Certificate of participation in the volunteer experience;

  • Registration fee of €60, equivalent to one year of sponsorship in the “Germina-Lá” option.

Whichnoit's included

  • Airplane trip;

  • Visa;

  • Travel insurance;

  • All dinners;

  • Breakfast and lunch on Sunday and Monday;

  • Tours, tours and transport on free days to get to know the island;

  • Personal expenses.



How is the payment done?

Payment is made upon admission. When we send you an email saying we're counting on you!

  • 50% of the amount must be paid upon admission to the experience.

  • 50% must be paid within 30 days of arrival in Mozambique so that we can take care of the house rental and all the bureaucracy to receive you.

Why is this experience paid?

Your volunteering involves costs for accommodation, food and transport.

It also includes the registration fee that reverts as a donation to our Association. It is the annual value of the Germina-lá sponsorship modality.

We also remind you that we will be empowering more local people during your experience, who will cook, clean, accompany and welcome you on the days you are with us.

After filling out the form, am I selected?

The form is an application. After the vacancy period ends, you will be contacted. If the number of volunteers exceeds the number of available places, a selection will be made, in any case, you will receive a response from us.

What is the cost of living on the Island of Mozambique?

To give you an idea with today's exchange rates, the cost of a 1.5lt bottle of water is 50 meticais (MNZ) or €0.55 and a very complete meal is between €3.50 to €6 €.

Do you have more questions about volunteering?

29_Meio círculo tracinhos.png

You can send us an email toheartseedmoz@gmail.comor ask all questions through the application form. We have a special section for that at the end.

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