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HEARTSEED is a non-profit Mozambican non-governmental association that enjoys legal personality and the legal principles of associativism in Mozambique. Registered at the registry of legal entities under the single number 101448509, it has its headquarters at Rua Kenneth Kaunda, Bairro Museu, Cidade da Ilha de Moçambique, in the Province of Nampula.



Protect and promote the Rights of Children, their human development, social inclusion and vocational training that guarantee a better future for children in situations of vulnerability.

  • Inspire and educate with actions based on love;

  • Humanized education and vocational learning;

  • Child empowerment;

  • Promotion of development, by:

    • Defense of Children's Rights;

    • Child protection and social assistance;

    • Social inclusion.


Children in situations of vulnerability and social exclusion from the Island of Mozambique.

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Humanized Education

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We defend the importance of human relationships in education. The child or young person must feel comfortable and safe to learn, to discover their potential and, above all, to prepare to face challenges. Valuing diversity, emotions and affectivity involved in the act of educating.

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personal and community empowerment

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Children are the future of the world, we all recognize it, and, in this sense, it is essential to educate more conscious, confident, sustainable, autonomous human beings, aware of their potential in the world, who respect human diversity, contributing to the construction of a more tolerant and supportive society, in the hope of a world with less, discrimination, prejudice and judgment.

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organic garden and nutrition

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The vegetable garden is one of the best personal development tools for children, allowing collaborative work, the development of a sense of responsibility, daily care for the environment, as well as knowledge of the origin of food and awareness of healthy eating. which is essential for physical and intellectual development. We take care of this space together and cook very nutritious local and seasonal products.

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environmental impact and LOCAL DEVELOPMENT

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Environmental education is everyone's responsibility towards children and young people in order to raise awareness of environmental problems, as well as to foster interest in caring for the environment. We want to work and collaborate with local entities in order to create a sense of community, a spirit of solidarity and collective pride for the place, the Island of Mozambique. The future is in the hands of all of us.


Our costs 

The costs associated with the project are supported by regular sponsorships, occasional donations, partnerships with companies and business support. We believe that together we are stronger and that if we all contribute, we can make a difference in the lives of these children.

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