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Our children are learning ancestral techniques for creating and producing pieces that are an integral part of the cultural heritage of our land. As we are passionate about the island's art and craft, we do everything to transport it, in time and space.


This is how the idea for this store of ours came about. By trying to give more strength and visibility to local artisans, we create conditions for them to pass on their legacy to our boys. In this way, we aim to perpetuate these crafts that fascinate us so much and that are part of the culture that we do not want to forget.



Monthly sponsorship systems that help the Center

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Bracelets and Necklaces

Bracelets and Necklaces made by the island's beaders and artisans

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Basketry and Utensils

Products produced by inhabitants of the island of Mozambique

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Capulanas and Accessories

Capulanas and accessories made with capulanas fabric, on the island

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All the products

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